Prince Lewis Lounge & Distillery Investment

Prince Lewis Lounge & Distillery Investment

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The Challenge

Hurricane Dorian
In September of 2019, the devastating category 4 Hurricane Dorian ravished the island of Grand Bahama, the home location of the Prince Lewis Lounge and Distillery, putting 80% of the island underwater and causing severe damage to the island of Grand Bahama.

In Spring of 2020, a global health pandemic faced our world. yet globally one of the few commodities deemed essential was alcohol beverages. 


The Opportunity

A resilient island,  in a Post-Hurricane and Post-Pandemic world,  has already begun the process of rebuilding and revitalization, creating new and exciting entrepreneurial opportunities. The already constructed, turn-key infrastructure and site of the Prince Lewis Lounge and Distillery survived the storm and, having been faced with both a natural disaster and global health pandemic is raising investment capital to jump-start operations.

The facility will not only serve as a vibrant, local and hospitality venue, but a global distillery engaged in domestic and international distribution of beverages. Our brands are currently retailed in The Bahamas and New York City and we are seeking to expand into other U.S. States and European markets as well. 

Rather than donations, we are seeking investors. The company is offering a limited amount of shares at $250 per share. Investment capital will be used for construction repairs, distillery equipment and global marketing.

Each quarter, dividends will be paid among shareholders from 20% of the total gross profits.  Example: if at the end of of Quarter 1, the company has 250 shareholders, and gross revenue is $500,000, 20% or $100,000 will be paid among 250 investors which equals $400 per investor. This will occur 4 times per year. 

A single investor may purchase as many shares as they desire.

Your investment allow you to financially profit, and helps to rebuild and create jobs in a local community and support a local Caribbean business. Everyone wins, together. Join us.