Prince Lewis Vodka

Our Story 
The great-grand father of Prince Lewis sailed to the beautiful island of Grand Bahama in search of peace, paradise and The Bahamian Dream. Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, upon arrival he established a farm, and little did he know it would eventually serve as the foundation of his great-grandson's Beverage company.

As a creative and an artist, Prince Lewis grew up on the island of Grand Bahama guided by the mantra that life is meant to be lived without limits. The dreamers, doers, and hustlers deserve a beverage that complements their lifestyle. Inspired by the crystal clear waters of The Bahamas and those, like his great-grandfather, who came to the islands seeking purpose and adventure; he created a beverage company that has grown into more than just a lifestyle, but a new Bahamian legacy.

From these small islands have come extraordinary people, who have done big things; inclusive of NBA players to an Academy Award winning artist, all embracing life’s journey, struggles and triumphs. Behold the Grand Life on Grand Bahama Island. Do something amazing, grab a friend, grab a glass and create #momentsworthcelebrating. Toast to life, responsibly.