What I ate to lose 140 pounds

It's by far the number one question I get these days. "What did you eat?" I'll preface this post by noting there's no one size fits all. Everyone's goals and bodies are different and different foods affect different people in different ways. There are however certain fundamentals and scientific realities (e.g oranges contain Vitamin C) and once you understand the science behind food, along with your own body, it makes the process of weight loss and being healthy that much easier. 

Reality: Weight loss is 80% eating, 20% workout. 

Protein is Power
I cannot stress this enough. Protein was of paramount importance in transiting into my new eating lifestyle. Notice I didn't call it a "diet" and the reason is because when most people see that word, they think temporarily starving themselves or eating foods hate until they've achieved their fitness goal. In reality, one's diet is simply the foods you eat and a healthy diet is about eating more, of what's good. That's not to say you can't sneak a comfort food or two in there (I tend to do so on occasion) but the key is consistently. You are what you eat, consistently. Protein (especially protein powder) is key to ensuring I remain full during the day and also repairing muscles after work outs. 

Healthy foods containing this are: chicken, fish, turkey, eggs and almonds etc.

Go crazy on the Veggies
Note, not all vegetables are created equal, some are better than others. My  rule of thumb is, if it's green and grows above the ground, it's perfect. You can have an unlimited amount. Seriously, fresh green vegetables are packed with nutrients and vitamins needed for a healthy life. Combined in moderation with complex carbohydrates and they make perfect healthy and delicious meals.  
Water, Water Water
The human body is literally 60% water and it is undoubtedly the undisputed champion and much needed ingredient in living a healthy life.  Water does everything, from keep you full, to nourish and cleanse your internal body systems, to loosening your muscles for work-outs. For my personally, I cut out all sugary drinks and just drank water. Of course, there were cravings and for that, I mixed with Crystal light. Low in calories and just as delicious. I would also mention, one  a once a month basis I'd also cheat with the Prince Lewis Vodka [can't help it, I'm around it every day] and mixing vodka, water and lime was the perfect low-calorie cocktail needed to enjoy a good time without straying too far away from the plan.

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