The Prince Lewis Journey

The Prince Lewis Journey

For my entire life, I've struggled with weight. From primary school, growing up I've been known as "chubby" or "the fat kid." Over the years I tried tons of failed "diets" and weight loss programs trying to slim down. Then, in 2015 I met my trainer, and now also my friend, Orick Nesbitt. He took me under his wing and offered the opportunity to change my life. Things started off great and some weight was loss, but life happened, and in December, 2016 I stood at 5'7 and had ballooned to a staggering and unhealthy 325 pounds.

Lost, tried, and feeling defeated, I called Orick up and said I need to make a change and this time for real! Without hesitation, he welcomed me back home. He taught me that fitness isn't simply about losing weight, but it's a lifestyle of choosing to live healthy by eating well and nurturing one's body. By equipping me with a new meal plan, he also taught me that dieting isn't about starving one's self by eating less, but eating more of what's good for you. In doing this, the weight will naturally drop and more importantly your body will be properly nurtured to be stronger and healthier. Enlightened with this new-found perspective, it was time to put in the work.

I won't lie, that first day was brutal and I questioned what bad thing I had done in another life to deserve such physical punishment; but with each passing day and week my body and mindset adopted and the journey became much more enjoyable. Around this same time, in my social life, after a party one night with friends, they all had headaches and hangovers the next day, which sparked an idea I began the steps to start a beverage business.

Between balancing a new business while trying to attain a new body, life was tough. No, it was not "easy," it was hard work and worth it! It never got easier, I just got wiser, stronger and healthier. Some days I failed, but the key is consistency and showing up every day while sticking to the meal plan;  and with a support system of friends at gym, each day got better and better.

Today, two years later, I’ve lost 140 pounds, now standing at 5'7, 185 pounds and the proud owner of a beverage and lifestyle brand. Finally, free from the trappings of my own body and feeling more passionate than ever, I've also once again began creating art.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but if I can do it, you can do! The journey continues....let's do this, together. 

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